Things You Need to Know About Climate Control Automation

One of the popular home automation systems is climate control. Climate control automation is helpful to control the cooling and heating of your home using a schedule, remote control or smart phone. Such kinds of devices can provide you all the details about your weather condition, energy cost, and temperature and make your home cool or hot to make you comfortable.

These smart home heating and cooling systems have different types of sensors, timers, thermostats, and automated controls. It is mainly used for controlling the temperature automatically, so you don’t need to adjust the temperature every time by turning it on or off.

Another climate control automation is for curtains and windows. Automated curtains and blinds are one of the best inventions for home automation. It can help to provide the heat or cool to your home. Windows or curtains can automatically close or open according to the environment you have set.

A home climate control automation system like Control4 Climate Control system can help homeowners to save money. Another benefit of using a home climate control system is the sensors can easily track that if you are at home or not and accordingly turn the cooling and heating off or on. These devices can be set up to provide you the kind of temperature you need at a particular time.

The home automation system is so important in today’s world for all homes. There are many appliances that you can use with a home automation system to make your life smart and easy.

So, install a smart home automation system in your home and feel the smart world with just one touch of a button on your smartphone. Call us at 647-929-6899 for a home automation system in Toronto. We are an authorized control4 dealer in Toronto and provide the best control4 automation solution for your smart home needs.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Home Automation System in Toronto

Today we are going to talk about the top reasons, why you need to have a home automation system. So, let’s get started.

1) Make Tasks More Convenient: Many tasks are repetitive in your daily routine and those tasks can be easily accomplished automatically or using some steps with an automation system. Like at the time you are watching a movie, you don’t need to turn off all your lights as the automation system can do it with one button.

2) Save Money on Utilities: Your utility bills can get up to several hundred dollars per month. Home automation can easily lower your bills by turning off the lights or lowering the thermostat automatically at the time you are not at home.

3) Increased Home Safety: Many accidents happen because of the poor or low lighting conditions in a home. Home automation can help your lights to turn on in the dark places when you enter and make sure that no accidents happens.

4) Home Security: Home security is the priority for any homeowner. A home security and monitoring system can help you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. You can manage your door locks, cameras, and your alarm system with just one click using your smartphone.

5) Peace of Mind: Now you don’t have to worry about your home when you are away. Using the cameras and other devices you can easily monitor your home and your kids from anywhere in the world from a PC or a phone.

Now, you may have got the idea, why a smart home automation system is an important factor for every home. So, if you also want a peace of mind and looking to install an automation system with smart home monitoring in Oakville, Toronto, and GTA, then call us today at 647-929-6899. We are happy to help you.

How can You Save Energy with Home Automation?

Smart home automation helps control climate, lights, video surveillance, security cameras, and many more things from your mobile or tablet device. It provides you the confidence that you are engaged all the time with your gadgets.

A home automation system can help you to lower your energy consumption. If you’ve programmed your gadgets like lightings, shades, temperature, ceiling fans, etc., with the command “All Off” then you can save good energy for your electronics devices.

Let’s see, how you can save energy with the help of a smart home automation system.

  • Lights Off: You can turn off your lights if children or adults forgot to switch off the lights when leaving the room. Motion sensors are helpful to switch on the lights when needed and switch off them when there is no need. You can also program the lighting to dim as the sun sets to create a great evening atmosphere.
  • Temperatures Regulated: With the help of an automation system, you can set your home temperature the way you want and also program the temperature changes according to your needs throughout your house. The temperature changes in your house also reflect your other electronic items like shades, lights, and fans. When your temperature is programmed for your electrical gadgets, you will get consistent savings.
  • Shades Down: We all know that when your shades are not down, so much of sunlight will come through windows. So, automatically programmed shades will close at the specific time set for them and will keep the room cool. It is easy to operate shades with a button touch and you can set the shades as you want.
  • Ceiling Fans: An automation system can help you to program your ceiling fans to turn on or off at the scheduled time for your needs. You can access your fans with your smartphone whenever you need them.
  • “All Off” Command: When you are in a hurry for a meeting and you forgot to switch off your TV or any other device. Your automation system can be programmed in a way that you can set a command to turn off or modify all your electronic appliances with one click. The “all off” feature can give you a satisfaction that all the things are turned off and there is no energy consumption.

So, it is possible to save energy now with a smart home automation system. Call us at 647-929-6899 for a smart home automation system installation in Toronto today.

Does Home Automation System Increase My Home Value?

Smart systems are a great value for Toronto home buyers. Nowadays smart home systems are installed for new homes in Toronto with the owner’s approval. Having smart devices like smart home security system, smart smoke detectors, and many more into your home will not only increase the value of your house but it helps to sell your home faster.

Smart houses can make your life easy and save some money as well. When a home buyer knows that you have smart gadgets installed into your home, he/she may get excited to buy it. This will surely add some more amount in your pocket at the time of selling.

The demand for smart homes in Toronto/GTA is also increasing day by day. People want a home that includes such smart gadgets that could save them time and money. Installing a home security system will give you peace of mind knowing your house is safe and secure. When a buyer finds an automation system already installed, he/she is more likely to buy that home.

So, if you have an installed smart home automation system in your house, it will surely help you to sell your home quickly. And if you don’t have one, Custom Home Sound & Automation can help. Call us today at 647-929-6899 for smart home automation installation services in Toronto/GTA.

Benefits of Home Automation System

People are using the Home Automation System from the last several years to control things like lighting, temperature, appliances, window curtains, door locks, cameras, and much more.

In the beginning, the automation system was like a luxury for all but when smartphones and tablets became so common for every family, home automation is becoming so easy to use for everyone and also more affordable.

Here are some advantages of the Home Automation system.

Safety: A smart home automation system is capable of handling appliances and lighting from anywhere with your fingertips. You can see that your home is safe and the appliances are turned off or on when it is needed.

Security: The main benefit of a home automation system is you can lock or open the door using your phone from anywhere. You will get peace of mind knowing that your door is locked and your home is safe and secure. You will get an alert when someone tries to enter your home and you can see from your security cameras as well.

Convenience: A home automation system is very convenient as you can control it anytime with your fingertips. We might forget our wallet or keys while leaving home but we never forget our smartphone. So, it is easy to monitor our home and control everything with just one touch.

So, if you want to have these benefits, you need to install a smart home automation system in your home. Call Custom Home Sound and Automation at 1-647-929-6899 for a home automation installation in Toronto. Make your home a smart home today.

Why People Install Smart Automation System in Their Houses?

A smart home automation system is a useful thing for people who want to live their life smartly. A smart home automation system can help you to operate all your home gadgets by just one click from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It is very convenient for the people who are seniors and don’t want to roam here and there. So, this system can easily help seniors to switch on electrical gadgets, alarm systems, and many more.

This is a very simple system and it is processed with centralized control. It is connected with technology and you can use voice command tools like Google Talk or Alexa to instruct that what you want to do with a gadget. This system can provide you facilities like smart home monitoring, home automation security, home lighting automation, etc.

We provide home automation system installation in Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and GTA. If you are looking for a smart home monitoring system that can help you to make your home safe and secure then just call us at all us at 1 647-929-6899. We are here to help you.

Home Automation Toronto – Smart Home Automation for Your Needs

Home automation is a great system that you can install into your home and handle all the gadgets of your home with just one remote. You can also access them with a voice command. This is a great way to feel the automation and how easy it will be to handle all the things by just sitting at your place. Isn’t it? So, don’t wait, get a home automation system installation and you will realize how easy to make everything work with just one click of one command.

Now to get a home automation installation, you don’t need to go anywhere as we are here for you. Custom Home Sound and Automation offer the best home automation installation services in Oakville & GTA. So, if you want to install home automation in Toronto then you just need to call us at 1 647-929-6899. Don’t hesitate, call us today.

Smart Home Automation System Installation in Toronto

A home automation system can control many different gadgets like lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It will be also helpful for your home security such as access control and alarm systems. When it is connected with the Internet, all your home devices can be handled by just one click.

With a smart home automation system, you can feel the automatic world in your home. You can just sit at once place and handle all the important home gadgets whenever needed. So, if you want to install a smart home automation system in Toronto then call us at 1 647-929-6899 for home automation services and installation now.

Smart Home Monitoring in Toronto

Smart Home Automation is a great way to make yourself free from roaming here and there as it will allow you to access all your home devices from the place you sit. A home automation system can offer you many functionalities like handling your CCTV cameras, your audio-video system, lightings, and you can also do smart home monitoring in Toronto. So, if you have an automation system in your house, you can feel the automated world.

Custom Home Sound and Automation is a certified Control4 home automation dealer in Oakville, GTA offer smart home design and installation services. We cover whole home audio/video, automated lighting, security, home theatres, and automated window treatments. Call us at 1 647-929-6899 for home automation services and installation now.

Smart Home Automation Blinds for Windows

A smart blind can help you to save on your heating and cooling bills with smart home window treatments. Automated blinds and shades are very easy to use and you can easily raise, lower or tilt your blinds. We always think about offering the best experience to our customers with seamless integration between manual and automated window treatments.

At Custom Home Sound and Automation, you can find the best smart automated blinds for your windows. We are a certified Control4 home automation dealer in Oakville, GTA and offer all kinds of home automation products. You can easily program your smart blinds to raise or lower at any time. Call us at 1 647-929-6899 for a smart blind installation today.

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